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 "Pandora Saga:Weapons of Fate" Review

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PostSubject: "Pandora Saga:Weapons of Fate" Review   Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:06 am

Game: Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance
Genre: RPG (non-turn based)
Recommended to: People who like WoW
Sound Track: Interesting
Voice Acting: N/A
Pay to win? Surprisingly Not
F2P: Always

“A bland and dreary game that is much like World of Warcraft.” My first impressions of a game titled “Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance” I had hoped that this was not true. But to my dismay It was indeed true. But there is a strange fact of interest; I played this game for 5 hours before I decided to write this MMO review. It’s strange, I like the game. I’m wondering if I should just convert over to Final Fantasy 11 or World of Warcraft itself because this game (Pandora Saga) is really just the same thing. But alas I cannot and I think I know why, the game’s community (much supported by steam) is what’s giving me a new experience. I’ve not been challenged by a far better player in PvP nor have I been chastised for being a newbie or novice at the game. Instead I am supported by the growing community that is Pandora Saga. I’m honestly blown away in confusion. My attention span has greatly increased while playing this game and I honestly enjoy starting it up and engaging in some point and click PvE. Which is honestly baffling because this game is a 7/10 at best; The only reasonable explanation to this new found interest is the community because the graphics are nothing special. There is no voice acting (which isn’t a big deal because most MMOs don’t have it.) And the style of art is Japanese which is very common among MMOs recently. I don’t see anything special other than the community that seems to be supported by Steam users. The soundtrack I would like to comment on though, It shows promise in its musical numbers although it gets a bit laggy when entering battle and exiting battle.

Do I recommend this? Not really unless you want to play a game that is like a Ragnorok online/ WoW blend.
CPU Intel Pentium4 1.8GHz Intel Pentium4 2.8 Ghz
RAM 512 MB 1.0 GB
Graphics VRAM 64MB or above
DirectX9.0c compatible
(Geforce 5000 video card or better) VRAM 128MB or above
DirectX9.0c compatible
(Geforce 6600 video card or better)
Audio Compatibility DirectX(R)9.0c Compatibility DirectX(R)9.0c
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 / FireFox / Chrome / Safari
Hard Drive At least 2.0 GB free space
OS Microsoft Windows XP
Direct X Microsoft Direct X 9.0c or above
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"Pandora Saga:Weapons of Fate" Review
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