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 "SD Gundam Capsule Fighter" review

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PostSubject: "SD Gundam Capsule Fighter" review   Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:28 am

Game: Gundam SD capsule fighter
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter/Hack n Slash
Recommended to: People who want a balanced Hack n Slash and Shooter
Sound Track: Repetitive and Annoying
Voice Acting: Horrible!
Pay to win? Yes…
F2P: Always

Gundam SD capsule fighter is a game that I thought would never happen. Honestly I thought that this game would never happen purely because of the fact that Gundam SD has long since been canceled. But apparently the people who made this game decided that it was time to bring a long, and dead, series back to life. Now when I first watched Gundam SD I thought that all the Gundams were chibi midget forms of their predecessors, but according to the building size the Gundams are giant war machines that destroy much of China and if you don’t count Hong Kong as China, that too. So the game starts you on a tutorial level, with some people telling you what to do. Now this part was a strange and annoying sequence. The voice acting by the way is terrible, but at least it has voice acting. Most MMOs don’t have this feature. During the tutorial the dialogue tells the player to do a certain action. It said that press the “W” key to move forward, so naturally I was like “Ok, press the W key” which is common in most MMOs but I didn’t move. I sat there thinking “what the hell?” Then my character moved, I honestly thought that my key board was broken or the game installed incorrectly. But alas the Person again said “Press the “S” key to move backward.” I sat there and didn’t press anything, the character moved backward. I then realized that the game was showing me what this looked like, so I sat there for at least 10 minutes before the game allowed me to perform each action. Immediately the tutorial ended after I shot a bunch of noobs. The game’s shooting has been done well. There is an auto lock on feature where the player simple clicks the right mouse button and you lock on to the closest enemy. The first “Unit” I got was a Zaku, which is a bad guy. When I first joined up with a queue of people I found out that the in game matches I found that their attempt at graphics looks like a mid PS2 game. The matches seem to be broken up into three parts (two sometimes) all basically involving killing a boss. This isn’t what I have a problem with, what I have a problem with is that there is a time limit on all of these matches. Out of the 4 games I played 1 of them was a failure due to time expiration. Disappointed as I was I still was able to have fun. Now the player receives like 100 points every match (if you don’t get lucky) and the new Units cost somewhere around 1200 points. This means that in order to become better I would only have to play 12 games. Which is a pretty good deal, but I have fear for the future, some of the Units that I have seen on the market are somewhere between 4200 to like 6000 points! Although I assume that the harder missions have a bigger payout. In short this game, despite its many flaws is actually a fun and interesting game. This game I will recommend although! Some things that the player (you) should be aware of
1. PAY TO WIN, this game has a very bad case of paying to win! Everything I wanted or sometimes thought was a necessity was “astro” or real money.
2. HORRIBLE TRANSLATIONS, the people who translated this game need to stop watching Anime and start speaking Japanese er wherever this game is from.

CPU Pentium IV 1.8 Ghz Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz
RAM 512 MB 1.0 GB
Graphics GeForce 4 Ti 4400 / Radeon 9600 GeForce 7600 / Radeon X1600
Audio AC97 compatible Multi-Channel surround
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 / FireFox / Chrome / Safari
Hard Drive At least 2.0 GB free space
Platform Microsoft Windows XP
Direct X Microsoft Direct X 9.0c or above
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"SD Gundam Capsule Fighter" review
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